Black Friday Deal & Mini-Virtual Design Consultation Gift Card

With people having spent so much time in their homes these last few months, I know there are many that wish that they could redecorate ever single room in their house! Keeping the DIY’ers in mind, I have created a special deal that is available for a limited time only that is launching this week for the Holiday Season, and that is a Mini-Virtual Design Consultation Gift Card. For yourself, or for someone you love, the idea here is that it makes a great gift…personal, thoughtful, and something they will appreciate over and over as they enjoy applying the design advice they receive from Bella Casa Interiors.

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Here is what you need to know!

For our BLACK FRIDAY Launch, this new Design Service is available just for the Christmas Season! From November 27th through until December 24th, we are offering Mini-Virtual Design Consultations for $150 + HST. With every purchase from now until Christmas, we will also donate $10 to the Hamilton Dream Center to help those in need in our Community.

Mini-Virtual Consultation

What does it include?

There are a few steps (which we will get to in a minute) to make this work. But ultimately it is a 30-minute Virtual Session with Emanuela from Bella Casa Interiors to help you with any design dilemmas, finish selections, layout questions, paint color suggestions, or reno advice we can cover!

There is some prep work required to make the most of this 30-minute time slot, so once a time has been booked, we send out a questionnaire to get the specifics on the area of the home that you want to focus on. We also request that images be sent to us via email, as well as measurements of the area as needed.

mini-virtual consultation

After the Consultation has been completed, I will follow up with an email detailing any paint color selections we made, links to things we talked about, and brief notes on what we discussed for your reference. This follow up report will be emailed within one week of the completed consultation.

Who can I give it to?

These Gift Cards made great gifts to the people you love most!

Do you know someone who is…

  • Moving into a new home
  • Planning a DIY reno and needs some help narrowing down finish options
  • Needs help with layout ideas
  • Struggles with Art placement
  • Wants a Room Refresh & needs ideas to update their space on a budget
  • Help solve a design dilemma in their home

Giving a Mini-Virtual Design Consultation isn’t something that most people would get for themselves, so it makes a really personal gift idea. For husbands & wives, sisters & family members, close friends & BFF’s, mothers & fathers, near or far, there are many people who would LOVE some design advice for their home! It really is a GREAT gift!

How do I make a purchase?

Please Contact Us to let us know that you want to make a purchase. We have a beautiful card & envelope, with the gift card enclosed that we can ship anywhere in Canada. We can ship it directly to you, or directly to the recipient, letting them know who sent it. There is no time limit for the gift card, we do however suggest that they be used within a 3-month time frame. Payment can be made via E-transfer, and once received, you will receive an email with a form that will give us the information we need to send your gift card straight to its recipient!

And… as a special Launch for BLACK FRIDAY, we are offering both our Mini-Virtual Design Consultations ($150 for 30 min) as well as our regular Virtual Consultations ($299 for 60 minutes) TAX INCLUDED!!! Plus…the $10 donation! I am hoping to be able to make a contribution of over $100 to help our community. We want to bless others during this festive, yet often difficult time for people; and by making a purchase, you are giving back…so it’s a win-win!

This Black Friday sale starts on Friday November 27th and ends on Monday, November 30th, so don’t wait to make your purchase! Send us an email and let’s get some special people crossed off your list!

Before I go, I will also mention that there are some great local businesses that are also offering some fantastic gift ideas! Check out our #shoplocalchristmas 2020 Gift Guide for some really creative gift ideas for your loved ones.

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