Design Trend: Embracing the Curved Sofa

These days when we hear about a “curve” our mind immediately jumps to the curve associated with the current level of Covid cases…but this is not at all what I am talking about with you today! There has been a design trend that has slowly been emerging in the last couple of years that is really hitting the stores full swing, and it’s curvy, sexy, and completely out of the box! No, I am not talking about Betty Boop. I am talking sofas…Curved sofas, as a matter of fact!

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Now don’t check out on me here! Curved sofas are definitely not a part of what most of us would “usually” consider for our homes--but stay with me for a bit-- and see how flexible and useful these curved sofas really are!

Curved sofa

So, let’s take a bit of a deep dive and really talk about this curved sofa trend. Adding in a rounded sofa can really can shake up a traditional floor layout and make it look fresh, fun, and can add some personality to your space!

Traditionally, people want to put sofas up against the wall. It's kinda like standard procedure! There is an accepted “place” for it to go.  Who hasn't walked into an empty living space and thought,  “The sofa would go here….”  and be staring at the largest wall in the room? I know you know what I am talking about here! Am I right?!?!

But what if you had other options?

With the curved sofa, one can really change up that traditional sofa wall and create a layout that is one of kind, unique, and really shows off some style! The best way for me to show you is through pictures. When you can SEE how well it works in a room, then it is much (much) easier to begin to visualize it in your home!

Here is a great example: This room was narrow and instead of just using the small wall space she had to work with Ines Mazotta designed this curved sofa to fit the space. As you can see, it is classy, comfortable, and not too “out there” to consider…By incorporating other rounded pieces this curved sofa works perfectly in this rectangular space and doesn’t look awkward. The alternative would have been to put the sofa infront of the window producing a (really) predictable layout. By introducing a curved sofa, it made the best use of the space she had and made it memorable. (And isn’t that what hiring a designer for your space is about anyway?)

Curved Sofa on one side of the room and....

...rounded pieces on the other end of the room.

See the Video Tour here!

Both Images by Kelly Hopter Interiors

Now take a look at this amazing home that was recently featured in the January Issue of House and Home magazine (link to video tour). This was a fully custom project, but what I loved about how Ali Budd designed this space is that it was a standard home with a standard layout. Living room with a dining space behind it, and a family room off the kitchen. Totally typical in house design. But LOOK at how she used the curve to make these spaces truly dynamic! These curved sofas are colorful, inviting, work great for large families, and are totally unexpected! The purple sofa is part of the lounge space in the Master creative and fun!

Ali Budd Curved SofaAli Budd Curved Sofa

Ali Budd Interiors

(both images)

Now, most of you know that I am generally not a person that embraces the trends. I always work to focus clients on choosing elements that last and don’t date themselves overnight. However, there are larger design influences that we cannot help to avoid that shape what we shop for, have some staying power, and frankly you just can’t ignore!

This curved trend IS one of those design influences that will be around for a while. If you follow design at all, you will see curves in general are all over the place in home design. Curves are not only found in sofas, but also in lounge chairs, cocktail tables, light fixtures, arches, mirrors and more. One of the great things about this curvy design trend is that you don’t have to go all-in to “get the look”. Whether it is a fantastic light fixture, an arched mirror in your entry, a set of side chairs, or a curved headboard, these fashionable styles can be found at various price points. Take a look at some curved sofa I found to make my point.

Curved SofaCurved sofa

Now, I know some of you may be thinking “Emanuela, this is NOT for me. I am a traditionalist and this is much too 'avant-garde' for my taste”…okay…but let me make one more point! We have worked on a couple of projects where we have specified subtly curved pieces that are sophisticated, classic and have melded into traditional interiors beautifully... Take a look!

Curved Sofa

So, after seeing all these great images, igniting your layout creativity, and throwing a curve on traditional sofa design, I am hoping that you are embracing the curved sofa just a little bit more than you did before reading this blog post! It is a trend, and it is fun, and it is a little out of the box; one day it will fade, but for now, let’s roll with it and find a way to bring in this design trend into our homes. I can promise you that THIS curve won’t be flattened any time soon!

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