It is as it is….

One day I will have to tell you the crazy story of how this house became ours. 30 day closing, 6 months pregnant, and a crazy housing market are only a few of the factors that came into play…but on July 15, 2011, we officially became homeowners! As a designer, I had several projects ready to roll in my head, but the one of most precedence was the kitchen. Apartment sized appliances, no dishwasher (!!!), and a layout that didn’t work for me at all! But it was workable…and I had a plan….

We decided to keep as much of the cabinetry as possible, and repaint it white. We purchased all new appliances, also in white. (I wanted as little contrast as possible because the space was so small—so that’s why we didn’t go with stainless steel.) New layout, new electrical wiring, new counters, new faucet and sink, new backsplash and paint color and voila…a much more workable –and pretty–kitchen!

As for the other rooms of the house, they are all a work in progress. We’ve painted a few rooms, edited our furniture, played around with this and that, and this is where we are at now.

Living Room:
• Buy a new rug
• Reupholster antique chair
• New Drapery
• Buy a new desk
• Paint
• Hang gallery wall
• Find a better window solution for blinds

Dining Room:
• New Drapery and hardware
• Paint out sideboard (maybe?)
• Repair cracked chairs, reupholster seats and paint a fresh color
• Collect more blue and white items for display

• Paint interior of door
• Purchase area rug
• Paint walls soft gray

• Replace plugs and get cover switches
• Find ceiling medallion to cover stain
• Paint out shelves in cabinet
• Paint a fun color behind glass doors

And that’s just the main floor! A few projects are on the go, and I plan to bring you along as I shop, paint, hang, and “do my thing”. It’s a good start as this house has great bones, but as I am a detail oriented gal, there are a lot of little things that I want to add to really make these rooms–the heart of our home–really “sing”.

This quote by William Morris really sums up my design philosophy, ““Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Agree or disagree? I love to hear your feedback!

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