Little by Little

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if somehow a million dollars suddenly appeared in your bank account? Many of us would travel, pay off debt, buy a new house, a fancy car, etc. Everything we ever dreamed of having could be ours—no more waiting! Then real life hits. For most of us, myself included, we realize our dreams by slowly pursuing them one day at a time. We are all on a journey of seeing our dreams become reality—at least when it comes to decorating our homes., building our businesses, finishing that degree, getting that promotion…little by little, we eventually get there.

Do I look through magazines and get idea after idea after idea? Heck Ya! But even projects you see all styled and looking gorgeous in the latest design magazines or on Pinterest had to go through the same process…some are done in weeks, but many take years and years to complete! (I never like thinking of that part!) We see the finished product and say to ourselves, “must be nice!” but the toil that got them there is reduced to a just few words on a page. But little by little, one room at a time, their home went from an empty box, to something that truly reflected what they value in life. And we can do the same!

So what is this blog about? Well, I’ll bring you along the projects we do at our house, and take you with me behind the scenes as I work with the clients of Bella Casa Interiors. I’ll introduce you to shops around town, my go-to places, and also share my design musings every once in a while. You’ll get a glimpse of a life in design, what goes on in my head (aka designer secrets….), and what is happening in the design world too. I value small businesses and what can be found in your local community. I like new things and old things…ok…love old things! I like character, and patina and attention to detail– things that have beauty AND function. I like deals—a lot! I’m not into trends so much but love classic design, a room that has something unexpected, and spaces that have personality–no showroom look-a-likes here! I’ll share things that inspire me—and hope that they inspire you as well.
Join me and discover the behind-the-scene’s process of designing real homes on real-world budgets…it’s going to be an adventure…even if it gets done Little by Little.

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