Broadleaf French-Inspired Master Bedroom

Gracious curves, subtle pattern play, layered bedding & a touch of glamour gave this Broadleaf french-inspired Master Bedroom the effect the homeowners desired.

To transform this Master Bedroom into a French-Inspired Retreat, the only mandate I was given was that it not be too feminine! To add pattern and to break up the large expanse of wall space, we paneled an area behind the King size bed with luxurious wallpaper that set the tone for the whole room.

Decadent bedding, layered textures through the mirrored bedside tables, the cut velvet armchair & the touch of crystal found in the lamps along with all new furniture were chosen to coincide with the French theme. Every detail was considered, and the final product in our Broadleaf french-inspired Master Bedroom project provides livable luxury that is warm and inviting.