Lakeview Century Home: Kitchen & Bath

This Lakeview Century Home was loaded with potential--but we had to get right back down to the studs to see this Kitchen and Bathroom Project get better from the inside out!

The kitchen had a lot of negatives and few positives going for it: dark brown cabinetry, doors & drawers that didn’t open, an awkward layout, lack of light, poorly insulated walls & no dishwasher. In turn, the tiny Main Bathroom was also in need a lot of help! This corner of the house was always freezing as a result of cold winds from the nearby Lake and was the tiniest bathroom we have every worked on.

 We maximized every inch we could to make these spaces functional and bring in as much storage as possible, while also selecting fixtures and finishes that would work well with this Lakeview Century Home.

To get the behind-the-scenes before and after shots, and also hear more about the story of this Renovation, be sure to read our Blog Posts on this Lakeview Kitchen and tiny Bathroom. You will be amazed at the radical transformation!