Newport Drive

Your home is YOU. It should reflect who you are, what you love, places you have been, and how you want to live. The words that described what we wanted to achieve for this Newport Drive home were neutral, calm and classic. The personal style of the homeowners was not currently reflected in their space as the home didn’t really flow together well, the flooring needed to be addressed and the bathrooms were unattractive and very builder basic.

In this Newport Drive project we really worked with the homeowners to bring continuity, a feeling of spaciousness, and an interior that wasn't too masculine or feminine, but a balance of both. Each room has "the mix" that looks effortless and not contrived, and still showcases all that was on the client's wish list.

So many people are in the same boat. You are ready to invest in your home, but need some guidance as to where to look, what to change, and how to bring out your OWN personal style in your home. Getting that mix right, making the good decisions the first time, and managing your budget can all be a challenge for sure, but to a professional it can be a piece of cake…well almost!

This Newport Drive project was a town home, but looks so spacious and uplifting you'd never guess that to be the case. It was a dream from beginning to end! To hear more of the process of this renovation, check out our blog posts on this Newport Drive Project:

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Photos by: Ten West Photography