South Bond Project

When moving into a new home, some people wait to make changes and others would rather tackle things right from the start. This family from our South Bond Project called us in before they had even purchased the home as they knew it would need some tweaking and they wanted to get started as soon as possible!

With the help of Les Anderson Construction, we literally transformed this home into a space that reflects the homeowners in a very personal way. Their collections, art pieces, East Coast history, travels around the world, occupations, and so much more is reflected in the pieces we chose, as well as the colors, finishes, furniture, and rugs  that were chosen for this home.

Home is such personal space, and with collaboration, teamwork and a clear vision, we were able to help the homeowners of our South Bond Project every step of the way. We count it a privilege to have worked with them so closely to transform this home as they were moving to Hamilton.

This #SouthBond home is also featured in the Spring 2020 issue of Our Homes Hamilton-A Spiritual Move.

Photography by Vanessa Jeakins Photography & Kelly Horkoff Photography