Zen Master Retreat

The Master bedroom is often one of the last rooms in the home that clients decorate. Why? There are lots of reasons I have heard over time: because it isn’t seen, because I want to focus more on the main floor, because we ran out of money, because it isn’t a big deal. These homeowners we no exception and because of other home issues that kept occurring, this room makeover and renovation kept getting further and further down the list. That all changed after finding some leaking in the Ensuite, and we began the process of updating these spaces to create the Zen Master Retreat that it is now.

As we considered the overall design, we knew we wanted to keep things inline with the renovation we had completed on the main floor. Neutral tones and texture would be the jumping off point for the Zen Master Retreat and we wanted to make sure that all of the great features of these two spaces were highlighted in a way that was classic, timeless & elegant yet comfortable, affordable, and met all their needs for function.

In their words:

“Emanuela had her work cut out for her because I wanted completely rustic, while my husband wanted completely modern! Emanuela was able to take the best of both worlds and marry them amazingly to make us both happy. Not an easy task but she did it! She came up with an amazing look and plan that has given us more space as well as a great flow. Emanuela has a wide knowledge of what she does, she pours her passion into her work and it shows.”

Be sure to check out our Zen Master Retreat on the blog to see before and after images and get all the juicy details of this makeover!

Photos by Ten West Photography