Spring 2020 Update

It has been quite a while since many of you have heard from us, so I thought it was time to send you a Spring Update and let you know how we have been doing! 2020 started off fabulously, and with several Design consultations and two Room Makeover projects on the go we were quite busy…hence the delay in putting out a new blog post. But now, with “lots” of time on our hands with the COVID-19 lockdown, I wanted to touch base and start the conversations rolling again.

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First of all, we are happy to report that we are all well, safe, and staying home. The learning curve of home schooling two children, while still trying to keep the pre-schooler entertained was the focus of the first couple of weeks of being at home. All working together to give space, play “well” together, clean up, all while my hubby and I worked at staying calm (honestly, that was more me than him!) and helping them through the inevitable transition went okay. And now as the shock of it all is wearing off, we are settling into a bit of a routine. But it sure is different!

Bella Casa Interiors is still open for business but are focusing more on the family and enjoying the quiet moments we have…which are generally when the kids are in bed- ha! We are working on providing you with Virtual Consultations and Style my Space Design services that can be achieved remotely and still allow you to freshen up your homes now or to plan for a future project. More on details on that soon!

Spring Update

In future blog posts we will also be showcasing a couple of completed projects and giving you the 2nd phase of the Newport Drive project which will reveal all the details of the Master Bedroom transformation and how we revamped all the bathrooms in the home with simple and effective changes…and no demolition! We are also excited to let you know that we are featured in the current Spring Issue of Our Homes Magazine where the South Bond project we worked on a while ago graces its pages. You can read the full article here and see how we transformed this century home into a unique yet comfortable space for new Hamiltonians.

Spring Update

As we are all spending much more time in our homes than our usual schedule will allow, now more than ever our homes are our havens. You may get the itch to move your furniture around, paint a room, reorganize an area of your home or plan for a future project. Just know that if you have a quick design question, we will be happy to answer it for you in our #talktuesday video posts. Check out our Facebook page as that is where they are posted or send us an email and we will tag you when your question is answered. Design dilemmas solved just as easy as that!

We are also now on Instagram. The images and content are completely different than what we post on Facebook so check us out and give us a follow! There is a ton of interior inspiration and design lessons shared there so you definitely want to take a look. 😉

Lastly, in this season where there are so many negatives surrounding us, so many things to be genuinely concerned about, so many things to focus on and distraction abounds, I just want to encourage you to find the positives.

Every. Single. Day.

Write them out if you have to.

Post them around your house if you have to.

Verbalize them to yourself if you have to.

It is focusing on the good things that will help us to navigate this unknown territory.

Trust that God has it under control. Trust that good WILL come out of this. Trust that no matter what will happen, we will come through this stronger.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Breathe deep. Relish the little things. Love your family. Be strong. Have peace.

This is my prayer for you!


Cover Image by Ten West Photography

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