Store Spotlight: Graham & Brooks

Every once in a while, I come across a store that just gets my mind racing…with inspiration, with “LOVE this!”, with “This would be perfect for…”, and similar such feelings. I walk slowly through each aisle, my eyes taking in every little bit of retail-wonderfulness, and I just soak it in. I visited one such place this past weekend. Graham & Brooks on Cootes Drive in Dundas. It was worth the drive across town and honestly, I wish I had visited sooner!

This lovely retail establishment has a little bit of everything; some items new, some items old, some items salvaged, some items handmade. I first heard of Graham & Brooks through an ad in a local Our Homes magazine. I checked out their website and Facebook page and from the images I saw, I KNEW I had to check it out! That was over a year ago…but this past bright, sunny, spring-like Sunday I honestly woke up and thought—I want to check out this store TODAY—so I did!

When I first walked in, they had an eye-catching display all set for Easter and just screamed “Spring is here!” I love birds, nests, and speckled eggs and let’s just say this table-scape had me at “hello”.

Store Graham & BrooksStore Graham & Brooks
Store Graham & Brooks

Everywhere I looked I saw something that was new and unique! Fun clocks, framed local street signs, blue and white mugs and serving pieces all caught my eye.

Store Graham & Brooks
Store Graham & Brooks

As I proceeded through the store, I saw these gorgeous wreaths, hung on antique windows and faux greenery scattered about, bringing the store to life. A chalk painting class was in progress, and the colorful display of paint options just invited you to pick your hue and get started on your own project! Overhead were pendant lights…beautiful options that you wouldn’t find anywhere else--all just waiting to dress up your kitchen island.

Store Graham & BrooksStore Graham & BrooksStore Graham & Brooks

Amazing gift ideas abounded too! There were very colorful canoe-shaped serving dishes that would be perfect for the outdoor-loving friend, or watercolor mini-artworks of all kinds of pets that were ridiculously adorable, or live-edge wood pieces that would make amazing platters.

Store Graham & Brooks
Store Graham & Brooks

Gardening items, candleholders, cushions & throws…there was something for everyone! And there is SO MUCH that I can't show it all...bedding, cleaning products, fabulous Mother's & Father's Day gifts...high quality brooms & brushes...all well made products than anyone would love to receive!

Store Graham & Brooks

Then there were the antiques.

Be still my heart.

They had Such. Nice. Things!

I even scoped out a few items for a project I am working on…like this gorgeous window frame from an Anglican church in Hamilton. That was my favorite thing in the whole store!

Cabinets in various sizes.

A stunning beautiful white iron bed.

Oodles of antique window frames.

Various iron bases for whatever surface you’d like (those live edge pieces need something to stand on)!

And they get new items on a frequent basis…can we say “I’ll be back” Schwarzenegger-style, but with more of an unfaltering determination rather than menacing mean guy 😉

Seriously, Graham and Brooks is THAT good!

Store Graham & BrooksStore Graham & BrooksStore Graham & Brooks

Have I convinced you? I certainly hope so!

So, don’t wait until you are in the area…because that might not happen anytime soon. Grab your best shopping BFF and just come! Or come on your own. Or take a class. Just stop in and you’ll be hooked—just like I am! You can check them out on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

The opinions expressed about Graham & Brooks are most assuredly my own and are not endorsed in any way. I just like to share amazing shopping experiences with you and support the small businesses that work so hard. I plan on sharing more Store Spotlights with you over time so you can be in-the-know of where we designers find our unique items…and so you can find some of your own as well!

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