Style Inspiration: Black & White Glam Kitchen

When people usually think of kitchens and words to describe them the most common adjectives would be “Practical. Functional. Full of storage. Cooking zone.” Things along that line. But what if we also included descriptive words like “Decorative. Fashionable. Eclectic. Glam.” into the mix? Does something like this even exist? Well, in the home of blogger Christine Dovey, it sure does! Her black & white glam kitchen, fused with just the right amount of gold is filled with all of the above, and stopped me in my tracks as soon as I saw it!

What drew me first to the images I spotted in a recent issue of Style at Home was the layout of the kitchen. The U-shape of the cabinetry with the addition of an island made me wonder if I could do something similar if I ever opened up the wall between our kitchen and dining room (more on that another time!). I loved the mix of traditional elements with modern, clean lines; the black “china” cabinets made my heart pitter patter, and the touches of gold added just the right hit of warmth for this high contrast black and white glam kitchen. Take a look!

Glam Kitchen

There is so much style inspiration that you can glean from this space…just in case you are considering a kitchen reno or want some new ideas on how to make your space unique. Here are the details that inspire me:

  • Classic color combo with black and white—the two tone cabinetry works so well in this space!
  • No upper cabinets keeps the kitchen really open and highlights the subway tile
  • The range hood is tiled and blends in rather than being its own style statement…but yet IS a style statement by virtue of its simplicity
  • The waterfall counter edge (where the counter “spills” onto the side of the cabinetry to the floor) separates the black door fronts from the white paneled side of the peninsula in a stylish way.
  • The classic molding detail on the face of the peninsula looks custom for a fraction of the price
  • The interior window adds architectural interest and serves as a visual divider
  • Vintage artwork and other decorative accents really add character and interest to “decorate” the room
  • Black appliances that actually look GOOD!
  • The addition of wood built in cabinetry really adds a lot of warmth to the room
  • Simple light fixtures over the island

…and that’s just picture one!

The dining space has its own appeal and yet continues the classy-ness of the adjoining kitchen in unexpected ways…

  • Love, love love the black china-esque cabinet. It just pops against that gorgeous applied molding and is graphic, clean, and traditional all at the same time! …and so much storage too!
  • The dining chairs aren’t solid gold in color…they look almost gold-leafed, which adds SUCH a lovely patina! They definitely increase the glam factor of this room
  • The portrait looks traditional and modern at the same time because it is unframed canvas
  • The natural wood of the dining table ties in with the wood in the kitchen
  • The floral side chair is unexpected and makes the room feel far less “serious” and everything else look even more fabulous!
Glam Kitchen

In this last view into the kitchen from the hall you glimpse even more goodness packed into this dazzling kitchen!

  • Brass on the sides of the island—a creative use of this material that is practical too (no stains, easy to wipe clean)!
  • The ironwork inset in the archway—what a genius way to add character by incorporating architectural salvage in a very unique way!
  • The mismatched counter stools add whimsy and are just FUN
Glam Ktichen
Glam Kitchen
Glam Kitchen

For many, this black, white and gold space would just have too much glam in a what is traditionally thought of as a work-zone room. But stop and think…why can’t a space that you peel potatoes in or bake birthday cakes in or have countless conversation in ALSO be a space that you find beauty in, portray your stylish side in, or appreciate art in?

Why NOT?

Maybe what you see here is difficult for you to envision in your own space, but let it inspire you to hide some of the everyday clutter and add in decorative touches that make you smile, flow with the décor of your home, and add sparkle in a way that isn’t crystal…and still be functional!

Even if your kitchen is tiny.

So, re-think your space and maybe, just maybe a glam kitchen might be just the look you are after!

Not sure how to pull off a look like this in your own space? Well, we would love to help you out with that! Whether it is a one-time consultation or a complete re-design Bella Casa Interiors can provide plenty of ideas and experience to make your dream kitchen a reality. Check out a recent kitchen reno & see what we can do for you! Great design doesn’t just look good, it has to function and be a reflection of you, the homeowner, and your lifestyle.


All photos sourced from Style at Home Magazine

Photography by Ashley Capp Photography

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