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So many stores, so many options, so many online deals…but where do you start? I often have people contact me to help them “pull a room together” as they know what style they like but they don’t know how to choose the individual pieces to create the overall effect they desire in whatever room they are working on. Finding your style is one thing…finding the actual pieces that work with that style can be quite the challenge! Getting the mix right in your accessories and furnishings takes more than just random purchases and hoping it all works together! For some people this is the fun part…but for others it’s many store visits, pages upon pages of online options, purchases…and returns because it just isn’t “right”, and a room that is disjointed and not what you envisioned—that’s no fun at all!

Do you feel like your home is "missing something" but aren't sure what that is?

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One of the NEW services we offer at Bella Casa Interiors is a Style my Space Design Service-A guided DIY. We take what you have, and what you want to have, and do the shopping for you! It’s all put together in a Mood Board Presentation with two different options, and links to the retail stores where you can purchase the items on your own. It isn’t exactly E-design, but more of a road map per se…and an opportunity to support your local shops and find the right pieces in your area… AND saving you so much time schlepping from place to place only to be disappointed and frustrated. (Some online sources are used, but I really try to keep things as local as possible!) This Design Service gives you the opportunity to have a designer eye on your space but do the shopping on your own timeline—hence the DIY.

Want to see exactly what I am talking about?

Over the summer I had a client contact me wanting to finish off her living room and dining room. She thought she could do it on her own (“I thought I could just go on Wayfair and pick things out!” were her exact words) but was finding that she just couldn’t figure out what worked. There were a few pieces already in the room and as they had recently renovated, the space was pretty much a blank slate. They wanted a really casual vibe, with a counter height bar table and chairs in the dining room, some rustic finishes, storage for wine and glasses and such, and the best placement for their living room furniture…and some art suggestions.  The space wasn’t huge, but there certainly was enough room to accomplish what she was looking for. Here is the space when I first took a look.

Style My Space BeforeStyle My Space Before

The client didn’t want to go custom with anything as they wanted to find affordable pieces that would work for their pre-teen boys…and their friends as the living room was the official video game playing zone. The style had to work for both the adults and the boys, so we went with an industrial meets rustic look, all in neutral tones.

The first step of the plan was determining what the layout would be. For the sectional, there really were only two possible placement options; in the dining space, however, we could go with a round or rectangular table. Depending on how many people they wanted to seat, we determined what sizes would work best and not overpower the space. We came up with two different layout options that also incorporated a cabinet that they wanted to store the bar accessories and the two side chairs that were currently in the space.

Here are the two options we suggested:

Style My Space Design Service

In option 1, we moved the sectional to the back wall, creating the most open plan and allowing for a larger dining table. The Bar Cabinet we selected was tall so it would break up the long wall visually and provide distinction between the two spaces. The grouping in the living room provided the best option for adult conversation, yet still worked for viewing the television for games or a movie.

The second option kept the living room furniture placement almost the same as it currently was, but the chairs were drawn closer to the fireplace, with an ottoman between them for cozying up by the fireplace. As a result, a smaller table worked better for the dining space and the Bar Cabinet was  placed along the short wall to add interest and not crowd the dining room.

Style My Space Design Service

When it came time to selecting pieces for their space, I knew right away that the one store that would certainly have what they were looking for was Heritage Lifestyle Home Furnishings in Burlington. They had the right mix of that industrial rustic vibe we were after and in the end the homeowner purchased a few of her larger pieces from here. I also sourced items from Urban Barn, Pier 1, Structube, Penwood Furniture and Etsy. Here are a few images from the final presentation that we put together for her.

Style My Space Design ServiceStyle My Space Design ServiceStyle My Space Design Service

Once the presentation was made, the client was more than thrilled and was easily able to choose the look that worked for their family. Within a short period of time, purchases were made, and she was well on her way to having the living room and dining room that she had originally imagined. We also helped her bring some style to the kitchen and family room areas so the whole main floor received a style makeover that added personality and warmth to the rooms that needed it!

The only downside to this service option is that with most retailers, they do change up their products with the seasons. So you do have to be prepared that if you really love something (like a piece of artwork, for instance) check store stock frequently so you don’t lose out with a lack of inventory!

If you can relate to this scenario in any way, just know that Bella Casa Interiors can help you with your home—no matter what stage it is in! The finishing touches that this homeowner needed might be just what your home needs as well; so, if you have one room--or many—a Style my Space Design Service might be the solution you have been waiting for.

Style my Space Design Service includes:

  • In home Consultation
  • Layout suggestions
  • Two different Mood Board Options presented
  • Links & Shopping Info provided for all product suggestions
  • Customized notes and ideas for your space
  • One Revision (up to 3 changes to layout only)
  • Follow up Presentation Meeting or Phone call to answer any questions you may have

A great fit if you want:

  • To have a pulled together space but don’t know how to do it on your own
  • Support local businesses with your purchases
  • To do the shopping on your own but need some resources on where to go
  • Have a designer look to your spaces on a budget
  • Add new pieces that work with what you already own for a cohesive space

Starting from just $449 +HST for one room. *

I am so excited to share this new Design Service Option with you, and hope you will consider us when it is time to Style YOUR Space!

Cover Shot: Style My Space Design Service for a previous client...but not the same one as I described here!

* Price subject to change without notice.

Style My Space Design Service

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