ADS Media

We hired Emanuela for a paint consult when we purchased our current home. It was pretty rough with pink walls, floral wallpaper border, green carpet, green cupboards, green hardwood, green and pink floor tiles, and green marble fireplace surround (all different shades of greens) filling the entire first floor, and we only had the budget to paint and switch out the carpeting on all three levels. She picked out an amazing palette of wall colours that helped to minimize/neutralize everything we didn’t love (ie. Green) so we could enjoy our home (that has other amazing features) without cringing — until such time as we are ready to buckle down for a major reno. Seven years later, while sorely in need of a repainting, all the colours are still working. Emanuela had great tips and was so lovely to work with. She was worth every penny and saved us so much stress at a very busy time.